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Storia dedicata ai bambini che frequentano l'asilo e a quei genitori che hanno il cuore stretto dai loro pianti....IN INGLESE.


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Once upon a time there was a young boy called Albert.
One morning he woke up particularly happy as he knew that he was hello kittygoing to kindergarten where, together with his friends, he would celebrate Leticia’s (the youngest in the class) birthday.

On the way to school he hummed “happy birthday to you…..” , hopping and skipping along the pavement with his mother.
As they got to the school gates he saw Leticia’s mother and father bending down and trying to comfort their daughter who was crying desperately. Upset for his little friend, he went up to her and asked her why she was crying. But Leticia was crying so hard she couldn’t speak.

Feeling a little sad, Albert said goodbye to his mother, who had to go to work. He sat down on one of the many chairs in class and looked around him……there were pink balloons, pink plates, pink glasses and a birthday cake with a pink fairy on top…..
Finally Leticia came into the room with her big, brown eyes bright from crying.
Everyone smiled at her but she just whimpered a little and didn’t speak.
Alberto went up to her and asked her quietly “ Why are you crying?”
Leticia was fond of Albert and whispered “ because I’m so shy……”

Albert understood at once and said “Let’s make a pact we’ll hold hands so that each time you feel really shy and afraid you can squeeze my hand and I’ll be there to give you courage!”
Leticia liked the idea and together they went closer to the table where the beautiful cake - on which someone had put 3 pink candles stood.
All the children stood noisily around the table and the teacher lit the candles. As the children sang enthusiastically “Happy birthday to you…” torta con candeline
Leticia began to feel very, very, very small and shy. ….so she squeezed her friend’s hand hard and, feeling him squeeze her back, began to feel a whole lot better. So much better that at the end of the song she blew as hard as she could and blew out the candles.

In the photograph taken to immortalize that moment two children are seen smiling happily, the secret pact held tight in their holding hands, hidden from sight by the pink tablecloth!

hello kitty happy birthday con fiocco rosso

Scritto da: Vania Vio
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